Withered Hand Ministries, Inc
Our Vision
Withered Hand Ministries was started back in 1993 as Guardian Angel ministries which was a one on one out of church ministry.
My goal was to reach those who have been hurt in churches mainly because of organizations with their strict denominational rules and unforgiving pastors who fit the category of the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal son.
Some of these precious people have fallen into sin and have been cleansed and yes set free by the power of God but soon met opposition from church elders who pull the aside and inform them that because of their past, they no longer qualify to be in ministry.
I am here in sound mind to testify from my experience that the Living God has allowed some of us to get down in the mud and cellars of life to be treated worse than a human should ever be treated because he has some undesirables that we are to meet in this end time push of the Spirit of God to rescue as many as possible from the grasp of Satan.
There are precious people who had great plans for their life and like the woman Jesus met at the well, encountered circumstances and life events that steered them in another direction sending them down a dangerous path ending in life with no hope such as living in the streets, being incarcerated and yes even divorce.
Men in authority tend to look down on them while sitting in their high seat of judgment and human reason stating that they may have been cleansed but because of their sin, they are no longer able to lead, but wait a minute; Did God not make the statement that the publicans and harlots would go in to his Kingdom before the rulers filled with pride would get in?
Folks; Let's get Real!!
You have no way of relating to people living in the streets or those that have suffered heartbreak through divorce or someone living under a bridge unless you have experienced what these precious men and women have had to brave.
We can use as an example a man taking a walk and discovering some birds that have become injured and have lost their ability to fly.
This man goes out of his way to show these birds mercy but because he is not on their level by being a bird, they will run from him because to them he is like a monster.
We have precious people today driving trucks that are former Bishops, Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, and Church Elders.
These people have completed bible seminary and have enjoyed a successful ministry but because of a tragedy in their life such as divorce or some other unforeseen event, they have been told by some church elder that they are no longer eligible for ministry.
There is a problem here that needs to be addressed!!!
There is still a powerful anointing on these withered people that is shaking the gates of hell and preachers have went to their graves craving to experience this kind of anointing.
I close this vision with placing the words of Jesus on the witness stand concerning the main issue of divorce so prevalent today.
Did he or did he not recognize her five divorces as legal and binding the day he met her at the well?
The law in that day would recognize up to three divorces with no question?
He stated; you have rightly said "You Have No Husband and the one you have now is not your husband".
The shifting is upon us and the Forgotten Church of the Hedge is on the horizon.
We at WHM have a clear vision as to our call and purpose the body of Christ and have come to the realization that these church elders are not the one that placed a call on our lives and will not be the one to grade and sign our report cards. We know also that we will have to fight for every inch of ground we take but we are ready and willing for what have we got to loose and the benefits are out of this world
Jerry Hulse